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Rifugio Canziani - green Lake

Rifugio Canziani - green Lake - St. Gertraud/Ultental

Höchsterhütte 84
I-39016 St. Gertraud/Ultental (BZ)
C.A.I. - Dominikus Bertagnolli
+39 0473 798120
Mobile tel.: 
+39 333 4005323 / 388 8294446
+39 0473 798120
Sea level: 

Rifugio Canziani on the green Lake 2.560m

the Höchsterhütte - Rifugio Canziani is a mountain hut, mountain cabin, and restaurant at the end of the Ultental Valley. It lies on the left side of the so-called Green Lake, a water mirror owing its peculiar hue to a rare alga species, the only creature able to survive at 8400 feet above sea level all year long, colouring its waters.

Reaching the Höchsterhütte

From Fontana Bianca – Weißbrunn
Take Path 140 in the direction of Rifugio Canziani - Höchsterhütte (approx. 1,5 hrs.)

Excursions in the Höchsterhütte - Rifugio Canziani's neighbourhood

- Cima Gioveretto - Zufritt (11283 ft.):
Travel time: 2,5 hrs. – 3 hrs.
Drop: 2884 ft.
Degree of difficulty: low; perennial snowy slopes until 35°. Climbing ropes are mounted close to the mountaintop.

- Cima Fontana Bianca -Weissbrunnspitz (10364 ft.):
Travel time: 2,5 hrs.
Drop: 1965 ft.
Degree of difficulty: beginners.
(Not serviced by indicated paths, free hiking).

- Cima Lorchen - Lorchenspitz (10980 ft.):
Travel time: 2,5 hrs.
Drop: 2582 ft.
Degree of difficulty: its glacier could be easily escalated.

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