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Trostburg - Ponte Gardena

Trostburg - Waidbruck

I-39040 Waidbruck (BZ)
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The Trostburg (just above Waidbruck) must also be mentioned here, even though it is not situated on village territory. However, this magnificent building is always in view and, from 1290, even had a certain political importance for the people of Barbian, which belonged then to the judicial district of Villanders. In those days, the Trostburg was used as the residence of the Villander judges.
The keep and Pallas were built during the 12th Century. In 1370, the castle came into the hands of Friedrich von Wolkenstein, the father of the last and most important minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein. In 1595, Engelhard von Wolkenstein took over the property and the castle experienced its climax after some extensive renovations.
During an anti-aircraft fire attack in 1943, the castle was partly destroyed and more or less became a ruin. This changed, after the ’Burgeninstitut’ (institute for castle renovations) took over the buildings. Extensive maintenance work was carried out and today the Trostburg is a very popular and much visited destination for many hikers and art lovers.

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