Texel Group Nature Park in South Tyrol

Castle Wolfsthurn - Mareta/Racines

Castle Wolfsthurn - Mareit - Ratschings

Mareit 5
I-39040 Mareit - Ratschings (BZ)
+39 0472/ 758121

The imposing baroque castle Wolfsthurn above the village of Mareit is said to have 365 windows (the theme ‘as many as there are days in the year’ was popular in the baroque period). Since 1996 it has accommodated the hunting and fishing museum. A part is also dedicated to hunting as manifested in popular art, and the history of Wolfsthurn. The magnificent rooms have remained in their original state and convey a realistic impression of life and royal hunting parties in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Castle Tavern also forms part of the museum : ( Tel. +39 0472 758 123).
The castle be booked for festivals.

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