The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Velthurns Castle

Velthurns Castle - Feldthurns

Dorf Nr. 1
I-39040 Feldthurns (BZ)
+39 0472/855 525

The Schloß (castle) Velthurns was built by the Bishop of Brixen between 1577 and 1587. Of particular note are the panelling, inlay work, carved portals and wooden ceilings – all of which count amongst the most significant works of Renaissance carving in the southern German area.

The best of these works is the gilded coffered ceiling in the prince's room with its delicate inlay work. Until its secularisation in 1803, the castle was the summer residence of the bishops of Brixen. Thereafter it at first belonged to the crown, then later became private property and was subsequently given to the town of Bolzano by Johannes ll, Prince of Liechtenstein. On the 18th June 1978, it became the property of the province of South Tyrol.

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