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Wolkenstein Castle

Wolkenstein Castle - Wolkenstein - Gröden

I-39048 Wolkenstein - Gröden (BZ)

The Wolkenstein Castle in Vallunga (Selva Gardena) can be seen perched high up in the steep Stevia Wall like an eagle’s eyrie. From the car park of Vallunga it is just a short walk up to the castle. The castle has been built at the beginning of the 13th century, but already collapsed in the year 1525 and not reconstructed anymore. From the 14th century it belongs to the Counts von Wolkenstein, still today owners of the castle.

Oswald von Wolkenstein, born between 1376 and 1387 in South Tyrol and died in the year 1445 in Merano, was one of the most important troubadours, composers and poets of the Middle Age. Ha was a great traveller, always looking for some adventure. Already at 10 years he leaves home to get around the world as a squire of a knight. Probably by an accident in early youth he lost his right eye. During the summer months Oswald von Wolkenstein has spend different time at the castle in Vallunga.

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