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Castel Hocheppan

Hocheppan Castle - St. Michael - Eppan

I-39057 St. Michael - Eppan (BZ)
+39 0471/636081
+39 0471/636081

The imposing castle complex of Hocheppan looms high above the small village of Missian surmounting a precipitous rock face. It was originally built in the 12th century and its central part was enlarged between 1200 and 1500. Enthusiasts will find it interesting to investigate the diverse building styles deriving from the various epochs. Following the decline of the Counts of Eppan, for a time the impressive castle was owned by the Tirol dynasty. Since 1911 it has been owned by the noble family von Enzenberg of Terlan-Liebeneich, though they do not reside there.
There can be no doubt that it was Count Ulrich von Eppan built this large, stately and formidable castle to display power and impregnability. The building itself exhibits architectural elements form the Middle Ages, the Romanesque period as well as late Gothic features. Between 1964 and 1967 the more recent extensions to the castle were renovated by the Provincial Department for the Preservation of Historical Monuments.
Among the castle’s attractions are the comparatively high pentagonal-shaped keep – unique in all Tyrol – and the chapel. Of special interest are Romanesque frescoes in the chapel dating back to the period when the castle was built (pre 1200). Among other things they depict typical Tyrolean features (‘knödel’, wurst…).
This magnificent vestige of Südtirol’s past is of course accessible to visitors and there is even a castle tavern, open from 10am to 6pm from Easter to the beginning of November (closed on Wednesdays). Hocheppan is one of several castles which guard over the area of Eppan and there are also recommended castle hikes.

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