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Franciscan Cloister - Caldaro

Franciscan Cloister - Kaltern

Rottenburgerplatz 3
I-39052 Kaltern (BZ)
+39 0471 962244
+39 0471 966 900

The Franciscan cloister was built in 1942/43 and in the church, Kaltern’s Anthony, which is a picture of St. Anthony of Padua that hangs on the right side altar, is especially honoured. There was once a time when up to 4,000 pilgrims a day came to visit the painting that was said to have miraculous powers. The devout Franciscan brothers have recorded over 300 miraculous visions over the centuries. A familiar quotation from the residents of Kaltern is: If St. Anthony of Padua can’t help you, Kaltern’s St. Anthony surely can.
Priests and brothers use the spacious rectory in Kaltern. It is a beautiful location that radiates peace and tranquillity and offers both religious and secular seekers of spirituality, retreat and holistic healing the appropriate environment. Guests are invited to stay in the cloister; they can choose from half or full board and are invited to take part in a number of activities that the Franciscans offer.

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