The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

St. Rochus Church - Caldaro

St. Rochus Church - Kaltern

I-39052 Kaltern (BZ)

St. Rochus is typically the patron saint of plaques, pestilence and other epidemics. Kaltern’s own art historian, Karl Atz, assumes that this church was named after St. Rochus, perhaps due to the fact that there are healing springs that flow nearby, which have always proven effective against skin ailments and similar diseases; or it could be that it was built and christened to St. Rochus in thanksgiving after overcoming the pest that was known to have plagued Bozen and the vicinity around 1501. According to excavations that were carried out during the last renovation in 1981, evidence was found to indicate relics of a sacred holy spring that must have been located under the sacristy in ancient times.

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