Texel Group Nature Park in South Tyrol

Saint Jacob's Church - Ortisei

Saint Jacob's Church - St. Ulrich

St. Ulrich (BZ)

Called the Dlieja da Sacun, the church is situated just above Ortisei (reachable only on foot) and is the oldest in the entire valley according to historic documents. It lies on the ancient Troi Paian, way which once connected Veneto with the nearby Isarco Valley through the Dolomite passes. So it is not mere coincidence that the church here was dedicated to Saitn Jacob, protector of pilgrims. The origins go back to the 12th century, given the traces of a Romanesque building. However, the present style is Gothic, as objects in Gothic and Baroque style adorn the interior. In fact the Gothic frescoes in the presbytery are noteworthy and date back to the late 15th century. The same is true about the wall paintings near the pulpit which have just been resoted and they refer to the legend of Saint Jacob. The main altar is a valid example of the local artistic sculpture, in Baroque style, with curved columns, and gilt representations of the leading figures of the church, of apostels and angels (by Vinazer-Pescosta Sns around 1750).
Nowaday, the sculptures that are found in the church auch as the various objects on the main altar are imitations made by local sculptures. The precious originals may be viewed and adminred at the Val Gardnea Museum.

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