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St. Georg - Parish Church - Terento

St. Georg - Parish Church - Terenten

I-39030 Terenten (BZ)
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Records of a church in Terenten go back to 1362. Bishop Hartmann von Brixen consecrated an altar in 1162. A new nave was built in 1683/84. From 1848 to 1850 the church was lengthened and rebuilt in neo-Romanesque style. In 1964 it was extensively restored. During the renovation works the foundation walls of a Romanesque church room were found. From the late-Gothic building, the choir and the church tower with the pointed arch windows have been preserved. The nave was rebuilt in neo-Romanesque style around the middle of the 19th century. The barrel vault dates from the time of the neo-Romanesque alterations and is decorated with ceiling frescoes by Christoph Brandstätter. Next to the Parish Church there is the late Gothic Heiligkreuz-Kapelle (Holy Cross Chapel), which was consecrated in 1520.

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