Texel Group Nature Park in South Tyrol

St. Prokulus - Naturno

St. Prokulus - Naturno - Naturns

Schlossweg 1
I-39025 Naturns (BZ)
+39 0473/667168

Recent excavations (1985-19190) have brought to light an early baroque era plague graveyard, as well as graves of ancient Germans dating from around the 7th century. The small church is famous mainly for its 8th century frescos, while the frescos in the nave were probably painted in the period around the year 1000. Frescos on the southern wall depict the church’s patron saint, the bishop Prokulus fleeing from Verona by lowering himself from a wall on a rope. The twelve head of cattle on the western wall moving towards the northern wall accompanied by herdsmen and a panting dog have been interpreted as a gift to St. Prokulus, the protector of livestock.

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