The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Parish Church of Sand in Taufers

Pfarrkirche von Taufers - Sand in Taufers

Pfarre Taufers
I-39032 Sand in Taufers (BZ)
+39 0474 678060

The Parish Church of Maria Himmelsfahrt expresses a monument of spacious planning, of working together well, of favourable building guidance and great enthusiasm in building; as if it were all built from start to finish without interruptions. The building was begun in 1503 and was finished in 1527, after more pauses were made. Chronicles say that not even one man lost his life whilst working on the site. Later on, the gothic style of the church was planned to be replaced with baroque changes: the original works were knocked out but then again renewed. Fact is that only the fear, that the ceiling would not hold without the vaulted ripping, saved this building from being mutilated. Over the main entrance, which is more subdivided than the others, is the inscription: maria hilf mcccccxv to be seen. Upon entrance into the church through this door, one is amazed at how huge the church actually looks.(much larger than it truly is): 40m long, 12 m wide and 15 m high. .

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