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Parish church Mari%25C3%25A4 preaching - Vandoies di Sotto

Parish church Mariä preaching - Niedervintel

Niedervintel (BZ)

Very rarely you will find a so beautiful church ensemble than in Vintl: Who comes from the west over the old village-street, crosses the bridge and goes upstairs to the graveyard, has in front of the old Urban- church, the colourful façade of the new church (parish church Mariä preaching) and the all outstanding gothic- pointed bell tower.
Especially impressive are the ceiling frescos of Josef Anton Zoller which you can find in the parish church Mariä preaching, that is an unified building of the Baroque. The church was erected under the influence of the cathedral of Brixen, which was completed in the year 1760.
Particularly idyllic is the church hill, that is overgrown with high larches. A folkloristic feature is the healing oil spring, which was used of people who searched healing centuries ago.

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