Castel Annaberg, Val Venosta

Parish church Maria Himmelfahrt - Terlano

Parish church Maria Himmelfahrt - Terlan

I-39018 Terlan (BZ)
+39 0471/257113

This church is a building from the High Gothic Period of the 14th Century. The altar room and the choir chairs are the oldest part of the building. However, the older part of the building complex, which still stands today, is the little Roman side tower, which was built during the 13th Century.
The oldest frescoes are in the choir chairs area. They were probably produced around 1399 and are part of the main works of the so-called Bozner Schule (Bozen School). There are a number of wall paintings also to be found in the long house, which date back to around 1405 and were painted by Hans Stockinger. His frescoes present a classic example of the perfect merging of German and Italian shapes (e.g. the birth of Christ, the Madonna with the protective coat, St. Christopher etc).

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