The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Holy Nikolaus Church in Kematen

Holy Nikolaus Church - Kematen/Taufers

Kematen Dorf
I-39030 Kematen/Taufers (BZ)

Although the Holy Nikolaus Church in Kematen reaches back far into the Middle Ages (1296 they say), it received much more attention from artists and architects in 1996/97 when, whilst it was being restored, Gothic wall paintings were exposed. These were easily able to be attributed to, as over the door of the sacristy on the northern wall of the church, one can see on a dated inscription (amongst others) “Erasmi pictoris (de P)rauneka” (pictures by Erasmus, painter from Bruneck). These pictures were painted somewhere during the second decade of the 15th century. The exact year is not disclosed because of a damaged part of the plaster. Erasmus from Bruneck was a brother of the painter Christoph from Bruneck. It is said that the young Michael Pacher from Bruneck knew their work well and that he was very impressed by it. As a result, they were a key model to his own work. (according to Rudolf Tasser).

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