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Church of St. Nikolaus in Albions - Laion

The Church of St. Nikolaus in Albions - Lajen

I-39040 Lajen (BZ)
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The oldest parts of Albions‘ church go back to the time of the transition from late Romantic to early Gothic. The interior of the church is astonishing: pointed and arched portals, pointed and arched windows with ornamental tracery and trefoil vaulting. The Baroque high altar displays carvings of the patron saints of farm workers Silvester, Georg, Margareth and Valentin, from the workshop of Dominikus Vinazer (1720). The beautiful Gothic altarpiece (ca. 1520) is a late work by the Brixen artist Andre Haller, and is the gem of this church. On the inner sides of the altarpiece are scenes from the life of St. Georg, at that time the patron saint of the Tyrol. On the outer sides the paintings of St. Nikolaus and St. Erasmus are greatly to be admired.

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