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Saint Caterina church - Corvara

The Saint Caterina church - Corvara

Corvara (BZ)

The first references to a church in Corvara, dedicated to Saint Catherine, are to be found in documents dating from 1347. The church in its present form was consecrated on the 26th of August 1452 and was the subject of various restoration projects, in 1864, 1910 and 1967. The church was built in the Gothic style, which tended to flood the internal lighting of God’s house: in the great cathedrals of the time the multicoloured windows create a transparency on entire wall faces. In this church of more modest dimensions the light penetrates through the windows and the panes to the choir and illuminates an ambience featuring a multitude of Saints. Under a certain light the Saints are brought to the fore, under another they take on a different role, then once more to be brought to the fore.

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