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St. Salvador Dominican Church - Bolzano

St. Salvador Dominican Church - Bozen

I-39100 Bozen (BZ)
+39 0471 973133

The Dominican Church in Bolzano is the oldest Gothic edifice built in Tyrol South of the Brenner, founded by the order in 1272. The monastery was secularised in 1785 in the wake of reforms and subsequently used as a military magazine until 1924. The highlight of a visit is the chapel dedicated to St. John, where Italian masters were at work, continuing the naturalistic tradition of Giotto di Bondone. The frescos on the eastern wall are also worthy of note, featuring the Madonna with Saints Jacob and Anthony (Veronese school). The picture of St. Dominic is a masterpiece of the Giotto school. Friedrich Pacher completed the cloisters in a unified form.

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