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Völs am Schlern

Tourism association: Völs am Schlern
Boznerstr. 4
I-39050 Völs am Schlern (BZ)
0471 725047
0471 725488

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The rugged cliffs of the Dolomites tower over soft green pastures, wooden fences stretch over the undulating plateau and divide yet unify a unique landscape ... - this is Völs am Schlern, South Tyrol. The eclectic mix of majestic mountains and grassy fields, together with a rich cultural heritage makes Völs and its surrounding areas one of the most exciting holiday destinations in Europe.
The village of Völs am Schlern is situated on an extensive plateau at the foot of the world-famous Dolomites mountain range, overlooking the Eisacktal valley. Völs and its surrounding areas are dominated by the impressive Schlern mountain, whose highly particular shape has made it the very symbol of South Tyrol. Between the valley floors and the mountain tops ice-age glaciers formed fertile terraces and plateaus, which today enclose the village of Völs. The village itself is located at an altitude of 880 metres above sea level, with the lowest-lying point belonging to the municipality at 315 m, and the highest at 2564 m. The area is settled all year round up to an altitude of 1130 m above sea level.

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