The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Vandoies - Val di Fundres


Tourism association: Vintl-Pfunderertal
J.A.-Zollerstr. 4
I-39030 Vintl (BZ)
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Vintl - Weitental - Pfunders

Discover our paradise-mountain-resort-valley
East the castle of Mühlbach, a road-fortress which marked the border between Tyrol and the earldom of Görz, there is the village of Vintl with his Baroque church and the imposing residences and houses. There are a lot of green fields and gardens. The village is an ideal starting point for several walks through fields and forests and excursions into the near mountains. There are also wonderful views over the whole valley, forests, alpine pastures, lakes, glaciers and peaks. The highest mountain is the Hochfeiler (3509 m) although recommendable for expert alpinists only. For less expert alpinists there are several other excursions to refuges. In winter you can easily reach all the famous skiing areas, toboggan-runs and cross-country ski runs of the neighbourhood.

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