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Tisens - Prissian

Tourism association: Tisens - Prissian
Bäcknhaus 54
I-39010 Tisens (BZ)
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Tisens - Prissian

Tisens is located south of Meran and extends across 39 square kilometres at an altitude of 300 to 2000 metres above sea level. The town has approximately 1,700 inhabitants and consists of the following villages: Tisens, Prissian, Gfrill, Grissian, Naraun, Platzers and Schernag.
We have about 1,000 beds available for guests and statistics show that more than 100,000 people stay per year. Besides agriculture, commuting and the local crafts, tourism has played an important economic part since the 60s.
Even in pre-historic times, the highlands of Tisens and Prissian had settlers in St. Hippolyt whose lives are reflected in historic findings. Tisens and Prissian were already mentioned during the Roman and Langobard times. With a catchment area which extends into large parts of the middle Etsch Valley, the parish of Tisens is one of the oldest and most important in the country.
Numerous fortresses, castles, residences and ruins around the fortress village of Prissian (whose building history reaches back into the Middle Ages) are witnesses to the fact that our region with its excellent climate and beautiful landscape, was always a preferred place to live. The things which were enjoyed by the aristocracy, are experienced today by our guests. Other advantages of the highlands are the old historic village centres in Prissian and Tisens which were carefully renovated over the past few years.
We offer our guests a varied programme, from private guesthouses to 3-star hotels. You can enjoy quietness, relaxation, nature and culture and, in particular, our familiar welcome and the way we look after our guests.

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