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S. Lorenzo

St. Lorenzen

Tourism association: St. Lorenzen
J-Renzler-Straße 9
I-39030 St. Lorenzen (BZ)
0474 474092
0474 474106

St. Lorenzen

Welcome to the holiday resort of St. Lorenzen in the Pustertal valley!
The air is filled with history! The wide and ample section of the Pustertal valley in which St. Lorenzen is located has cast its spell over the people since the dim and distant past. Castles from the Middle Ages, prehistoric settlements and the remains of the Roman community of Sebatum form the backdrop to a unique area shaped by man. The valley bottom is characterised by imposing buildings, impressive mansions and idyllic village centres, while the sunny slopes are dotted with scattered hamlets often set on breathtakingly steep spots and sites. This wonderful area, shaped and cultivated by the hands of hardworking farmers and still boasting a great number of unspoilt spots and areas, will gretly impress you and leave you with some unforgettable memories.
St. Lorenzen, the gateway to the Dolomites, the green gem of the Pustertal valley, with its pearls of Montal, Onach, Ellen, St. Martin, Moos, Maria Saalen, Stefansdorf and Sonnenburg. Places where you can find happy people who know how to enjoy life. The optimal location as a gateway to the Dolomites is only one of the countless highlights of our market municipality - and by the way, already the ancient Romans had recognised the ideal strategic position of this place. Only its altitude (800 m) and climate are moderate. Everything else is absolutely great, the landscape, the panorama, the possibilities for hiking, recreation and excursions, the location of the village at the foot of the famous Kronplatz, the history and the people, and besides many other things the warm hospitality.

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