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Tourism association: Schlanders-Laas
Göflanerstr. 27
I-39028 Schlanders (BZ)
+39 0473 730155
+39 0473 621615

Silandro-Lasa nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Welcome in Schlanders/Laas!
Schlanders/Laas, where the sun shines longer...
Welcome in Schlanders/Laas!
Schlanders - the capital of the Vinschgau
Schlanders lies half way between Reschenpass and the health resort Meran. The town incorporates the idyllic villages of Kortsch, Vetzan and Göflan. Embedded in beautyful orchards, the town is protected on one side of the valley by the Nörderberg with its dense and shady forests, and on the other side by the barren Sonnenberg with chestnut groves and vineyards.
Laas- the village of the white gold
Laas lies around five kilometers from Schlanders in direction to the Reschenpass.
The village is famous for its white gold, as the marble of Laas is called. It is greatly appreciated by sculptors and used all over the world (important memorials are the lions in front of the Feldherrenhalle in Munich, the Moltke Memorial in Berlin...).
Its outstanding beauty and above all its absolute weather resistence made the marble of Laas famous for centuries, right up to the recent times.
The marble is extracted in two quarries: the highest one, called Göflaner Marmorbruch - 2.170 mt. above sea level - is opencast, the lowest one, called Weißwasserbruch - 1.526 mt. above sea level - is in the tunnel.
Everywhere in the village you can admire the white gold - you will be fascinated!
Come and discover this holiday-paradise in the heart of the Alps!

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