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Sand in Taufers (Ahrntal)

Tourism association: Sand in Taufers (Ahrntal)
Josef Jungmann-Str. 8
I-39032 Sand in Taufers (BZ)
0474 678076
0474 678922

Sand in Taufers

Lakes ... Castles ... Glaciers: a small little paradise!
To put it all in a nutshell: the community is situated between 865m, above sea level and 1,600m (Rein) and accounts for approximately 5,000 locals and has about 3,300 guests beds.
Surrounded by mountains, SAND has maintained its bright character as „the main spot in the valley“ and offers much enthusiasm and versatility in many events throughout the entire year!
MÜHLEN, a touch south: where „the sound of the mill rattles...“ that is how it was long ago. The country’s best Tyroleans invite you once a year to their „Kirchtag“ – (a day of fun in Tyrolean style) – an event which draws visitors from far and near.
KEMATEN: a small village on a gentle hill, with a dreamlike pilgram church overtopping the village.
AHORNACH, high above Sand: a paradise for hang-gliders and para-gliders, meadows all around.
REIN - cross-country-skiers and walkers: – the right place for you!

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