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Valle Aurina: Selva dei Molini-Lappago

Mühlwald - Lappach (Ahrntal)

Tourism association: Mühlwald - Lappach (Ahrntal)
Dorf 18/a
I-39030 Mühlwald (BZ)
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Lappach, Mühlwald

Welcome to Selva dei Molini and Lappago, villages in the sun on the Southern side of the Zillertal alps!
These captivating and welcoming villages are idela starting points for fantastic hikes and excursions, for export climbers and for the fans of easy mountain walks. Our classic routes lead you to mountain huts such as the Rifugio Porro and Rifugio Ponte del Ghiaccio, and to the Neves artifical lake.
For lovers of high altitudes, superb peaks: Gran Pilastro (3510 m). Cima Bianca (3371 m), Gran Mesule (3478 m) and Turnerkamp (3418 M9. The winter is a festival of snow and outdoor winter-sports: 16 km of tracks for cross coutry skiing, from Selva dei Molini (altitude 1220 m) to Lappago (1436 m)and interminable toboggan rides for sports lovers, starting from Malga Weizgruber in Selva dei Molini, or shorter but no less exciting night-time downhill runs with a toboggan on the illuminated run near the Kreuzwirt restaurant in Selva dei Molini or on the slope a Lappago.
A cordial welcome to all friend of ice-sports! You will find a nice training area, well cared for and lighted, almost ideal for curling skating, much to the pleasure of children and grown-up.
Pride and joy of the valley: the ski areas of Speikboden and Klausberg, connected by ski lifts, with snow that`s always splendid and abundant. If you add to all this the genuine cordiality and hospitality of the local people, the chance to enjoy the traditional cures based on Dr. Kneipp`s method at the wellness centre, or using hay-baths, to relax in health and harmony, a holiday here is really complete.

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