Castel Annaberg, Val Venosta

Val Martello


Tourism association: Martelltal
Meiern 96
I-39020 Martell (BZ)
+39 0473 744 523
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Finally, the Holidays!
And suddenly, there you are! The mountains and lakes, the forests, meadows and the sun all smile in greeting. People reach out to shake your hand...
The joy of living beckons in the sound of the name, but there is a sense of pleasurable comfort, too. And that is just how you will feel in the market towns of Latsch (639m), Goldrain (650m), Morter (729m), Tarsch (800m) and St. Martin im Kofel (1740m).
Latsch lies in the heart of the Vinschgau valley, the Vinschgau, the orchard of South Tyrol, right next to the largest national park in Italy (Stilferjoch Nationalpark) and close to Meran (25km).
It is the area in South Tyrol with the highest number of ancient castles and keeps, one of the sunniest and also the place where there are the most fruit trees per inhabitant. The people of Latsch are proud of these lands, but they don‘t spend much time talking about them. And nor should you: go straight there and get to know them! There you will discover the loveliest walking paths and spoil yourself on typical Tyrolean country fare. We will take you up to the alms, stroll along the Waalwege (ancient irrigation canals), we will show you cultural monuments, tell you lots of interesting things and give you lots of great tips.
And between the lines you will see what is not so easily described, such as the number of sunny hours a year, which are as important to the people of Latsch as its guests and makes the place so appealing: and also sensitivity, honesty, friendliness.

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