Texel Group Nature Park in South Tyrol

Manor Neumelans

Manor Neumelans - Sand in Taufers

Ahrntaler Straße
I-39032 Sand in Taufers (BZ)

The majestic high building shows four corner towers (square at the bottom and round on the top), regulated rows of windows and a high roof, symmetrical room divisions and huge hallways with vaulted ceilings on the main floor, where the year 1584 can be seen. Upper floors entail flat ceilings where the walls and ceilings in the rooms are wood-panelled. The ceilings in the small oriels are arched and ridged. The wooden statue “ Mary with her sword” (XIV century) stands on the altar in the chapel, which is dated back to the year 1730.

Very interesting is the extremely high roof truss, a proof of the superb knowledge of the builders themselves. The residence was begun in 1582 by Hans Fieger, Lord of the Courts of Taufers. The building was finished in 12 months. It was restored in 1864 by Johann von Ottenthal.

The castle is privately owned and is not open to the public.

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