Tourism association: Riffian-Kuens
Val Passiria - Tourist Office Rifiano-Caines
Jaufenstraße 50
I-39010 Riffian (BZ)
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Riffian - Kuens

The magic and colour of spring blossom
Here, where Tyrolese tradition formed men and landscape, a great importance is attached to hospitality. Whether it is a hotel, or a boarding house or a bed-and-breakfast accomodation, everywhere prevails a well cared family atmosphere.
Especially during the spring when the orchards are in bloom the wanderer con experience this beautiful landscape. There are thousands of wonders waiting to be discovered.
Reach for the skies
From Riffian and Kuens you can reach very easily the surrounding mountains and observe the fragile and vulnerable beauty and the majesty of scenery that these mountains offer you. The country is ideal for ramblers. Relaxing walks in the valley, long hikes on the heights and tours in the high mountains.
NEW! F i t i n t o t h e s u m m e r
Nordic Walking, the people sport from Northern Europe flowers now also in South Tyrol.