Lagundo pr. Merano

Algund / Lagundo - Algund bei Meran

Tourism association: Algund / Lagundo
Hans-Gamper-Platz 3
I-39022 Algund bei Meran (BZ)
+39 0473 448600


Harmony that you can feel
A look around at the landscape will make you realise immediately how beautiful it must be to live here. How pleasant it would be to be immersed in all this green: the deep green of the orchards along the softly sloping hills, the shady green of the woods in the background, the green of the rows of vines clinging to the hills with their sweet promise. Elegant homes, farmhouses and small villages blend harmoniously into the landscape. They all seem to cluster around the steeple from time immemorial. It is all inviting and warm like a heartfelt greeting. The mountain walls project themselves to the sky live silent guardians against the cold surprises from the north. A sunny promise of deep blue skies: isn`t it beautiful to be here!
Algund lies on the southern edge of the Texel Group Natural Park in a sunny position west of Merano. It benefits from the proverbially mild climate of this famous health resort. Already centuries ago in Lagundo powerful lords would order every type of fresh fruit, melons, and even bitter oranges and lemons for their sumptuous meals.