Laives Bronzolo Vadena - Leifers

Toerismebureau: Laives Bronzolo Vadena
J.-F.-Kennedy-Str. 88
Zip / Stad: 
I-39055 Leifers (BZ)
+39 0471 950 420

Laives - Bronzolo - Vadena

A holiday spot for adventure lovers
Laives-Bronzolo-Vadena is the place to go if you seek adventure!
Laives is a small city with Mediterranean flair and lots of green areas. It is situated in the middle of the enormous apple growing area of the southern part of South Tyrol.
Bronzolo is a fruit-growin village with ancient manor houses and genuine Unterland village life style.
Vadena is a very beautiful place and its main attraction is the famous Caldaro lake. This is the perfect place for a holiday, and the ideal place to explore the surrounding area.
The entire area is only five kilometers from Bolzano Sud highway exit, and it is easy to reach.
From Laives Bronzolo and Vadena you can go anywhere without problems.
You can go to the lake area of Überetsch, can visit the worls famous Dolomites, you can visit Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, with its museums and theaters. In beautiful one day trips you can go South if you want to visit Venice, Verona, Trento or the lake Garda.
In our area you will experience a very adventurous, diversified holiday.