S. Genesio

Jenesien / San Genesio

Toerismebureau: Jenesien / San Genesio
Schrann 7
Zip / Stad: 
I-39050 Jenesien (BZ)
+39 0471 354196
0471 354085

San Genesio

A warm welcome to Jenesien - a world of discovery !
Jenesien (1081 metres high) is situated…
on the southern side of the Tschögglberg, a mountain of medium height, that borders on the `Etschtal` in the west, on the Valley of Bozen in the south, on the `Sarntal` on the east and on the skiing zone of Meran 2000 in the north.
The sunny town lies in the heart of South Tyrol at nearly 1100 metres of height and is far away from the traffic. Bozen, the chief town, is only 10 km away.
Jenesien has around 2.000 inhabitants.
Jenesien is easy to reach wether by car, following a wonderful panoramic road, by cableway Bozen-Jenesien (8 minutes) or by SAD bus.