Aldino-Redagno-Passo d'Oclini

Aldino - Redagno - Aldein

Toerismebureau: Aldino - Redagno
Aldino Redagno Passo Oclini
Dorf 34
Zip / Stad: 
I-39040 Aldein (BZ)
+39 0471 886800

Aldino - Redagno

Vacations in Aldino are still home-made,
as natural as they can be, with a puff of the wind from mount Monte Regolo and heated by the sun. Mother Nature is teh genius who for the most part created these marvels for turning your vacation into a delight. She created a sort of sun terrace of incomparable beauty above the Val d`Adige valley. A recreation area wich still maintains ist rural character. Here everybody feels at home immediately, kids and naturelovers, stressed people and gourmands, mothers and managers. Here you will find what no metropolis can give you: a friendly place with nature still untouched, amiable people and a meravillous sun.


Redagno lies separated from Aldino by the impressive gorge of the Bletterbach river. Far away from mass tourism, there are hotels, inns, pensions and manor houses everywhere to be seen. Redagno is the perfect spot to enjoy life and to get some rest. Even the physician Max Planck (1926), who spent his vacations here, appreciated the marvollously invigorating effect of Redagno.