The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

The Ruins of Neuhaus - Terlano

Ruins of Neuhaus - Terlan

I-39018 Terlan (BZ)

At the beginning of the 13th Century, a double-castle was built. It consisted of a type of road block on the road below, as well as the actual castle up on the rock. It is documented, that the castle already existed in 1206 and was called Nova Domus, the new house. Originally, the castle high above the road block was very small. In 1275/1276, it was destroyed during the war between the Count of Tyeol and the Bishop of Trient and only rebuilt in 1320 in its present form. The mighty keep comes also from this time. Several suggestions indicate that Margarethe Maultasch, the Duchess of Carinthia and Tyrol, spent some time in this castle and enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. Folk tale has it that she used only golden balls and cones for bowling. The name Maultasch is said to derive from her misshapen mouth or her loose tongue. Scientifically founded, however, is more the idea that Margarethe’s nickname derived from the road block, which – with Roman figures – would translate into malatasca – mouse trap. After the lower castle with its road block was destroyed, the name was given to the upper castle and from there to the duchess. In 1382, the Lords of Niederthor/Bozen bought the castle. They returned it to its proper state and erected several outbuildings. Their dynasty also was responsible for the administration of the Neuhaus court. When the Lords of Niederthor moved to Meran and into the newly bought Castle Gragsburg in 1479, only a tenant lived in Castle Neuhaus. Around 1825, Neuhaus received a new roofing. Lateron, it is said that the roof tiles were removed for tax reasons and, therefore, the castle delapidated. When you visit Castle Neuhaus today, yocan only see the remains of the walls.

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