Castel Annaberg, Val Venosta

Riva di Tures

Pfarrkirche Rein St. Wolfgang - Ahrntal

Ahrntal (BZ)

All three: the Church, the Cemetery and the Death Chapel are exactly now as they were in 1988 when all three were listed as historic monuments. The late Gothic tower stems from the original little church, whereas the church itself is more a new Gothic creation from the year 1908 to 1911, totally newly planned from the foundation and constructed under the watchful eye of the diocese architect Peter von Stadl (1881-1919) from Hall in Tirol (Austria). The sculptor Josef Bachlechner from Bruneck (1871-1923) created the three altars and the pulpit. The nativity scene at the Marien Altar behind the Annunciation was also often re-created by him and provided to many other churches. Emanuel Raffeiner (1881-1923) from Schwaz painted the Fronbogen (nouveau art) whereby he portrayed men and women from the village of Rein. Only very few days before the consecration of the church on July 4, 1911, did he finish his fresco. The herbs and plants between the ribbings were painted by the painter Sturm, very detailed and true to nature yet keeping to the style at hand.

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