Bruneck / Brunico

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Bruneck, Reischach

Bruneck - the center of Puster Valley
Colourful like the seasons - its central location is not the only reason for the picturesque town of Bruneck being the heart and soul of the verdant Puster Valley.
The Gader Valley extends towards the mountain world of the Dolomites in the south, the Ahrn Valley meets the glacier world of the Zillertaler Alps in the north. A small big world as colourful as the seasons and whose range of recreational activities is practically inexhaustible. Numerous natural recreational and sports activities 365 days a year are just as alluring as the many equally popular successful sports and cultural events.
Bruneck was first mentioned in a document in 1256. Shortly afterwards Bruneck became the economical centre of the Puster Valley. Today, our town is geared towards the tourism trade and offers all of the prerequisites necessary for an interesting, varied, relaxing vacation. There are over 4,000 beds available in all categories in Bruneck, Reischach, St. Georgen, Stegen, Aufhofen, Dietenheim, Luns, Amaten and Percha.
In addition, there are cosy cafes and restaurants as well as the Stadtgasse, one of the most beautiful shopping streets in the South Tyrol.